Sunday, November 7, 2010

Slash: not too pleased with Axl Rose parody during German TV appearance

Slash was a guest on Friday night’s "Die Oliver Pocher Show," a weekly German late-night talk show hosted by comedian Oliver Pocher.

The show paired Slash with one of his biggest German fans and, at one point, the two jammed briefly on “Paradise City.”

Before that, Slash joined Pocher for an interview, and things started off fine, but took a strange turn when the German comedian ran an extended (5-minutes) video parody of Axl Rose – including a section where Rose was walking his dog, named Slash.

The half-English/half-German language clip seemed to run on forever and, when it was over, Slash didn’t look too happy about it and didn’t say much.

When the clip ended, Pocher joked, “I think I could see some tears behind your sunglasses,” adding, “Ok, you told me I will hear from him?”

“Oh ya, you’ll be hearing from him,” responded Slash.

Slash later tweeted about it: "Good times in Cologne. Only I wasn't too pleased with the Axl parody on 'Oliver Pocher Show'. That wasn't too cool."

Die Oliver Pocher Show – Slash interview
Residenz Theater - Cologne, Germany - Friday, November 5, 2010