Friday, November 19, 2010

Steve Vai rocks Guitar Center Sessions

Guitar Center present Private Sessions with guitarist Steve Vai.

This event featured Vai in an intimate Q & A with the 10 winners of the Steve Vai: Guitar Center Private Sessions Contest.

In May, Vai announced the contest: guitarists were invited to submit a recording of themselves playing over one of Steve’s “Naked Tracks” – the guitar master explains:

“This series of CDs is designed for the jammers – those who crave playing their instruments along with a band, but don't have the band to back them up.

Through the years, whenever I would mix my records, I would usually do a mix of specific songs without the lead guitar. This allowed me to play along with the track or make loops to jam to, and because I figured perhaps someday, maybe others would like to do the same. Voila! We have arrived at someday.”

Fan-created audio files were submitted to The Public Record for review by Vai, who selected his top 10 favorite performances; the winners were flown to Los Angeles for the Private Sessions event at The Guitar Center.

Steve’s latest release is “Live In Minneapolis: Where The Wild Things Are,” a live package available on CD and DVD.

Vai is currently on the road with The Experience Hendrix Tour, which wraps up its month-long series of US dates on Saturday in Indianapolis.

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