Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Watch new Buckcherry video “Dead”

Buckcherry have released the latest video from their album, “All Night Long.”

Like a lot of great rock tunes, “Dead” is an anti-authority song for the band; it starts off with “When I was a young god, I could live without the laws, I made my mess, I could live without you all.”

"I had real issues with authority figures growing up,” said singer Josh Todd. “I wanted to write about the authority figures in my life who told me I'd never amount to anything. It's a big ‘f**k you’ to all those people."

Guitarist Keith Nelson agrees. “(Dead is) one of those songs that marries the greasy rock and punk elements together. This will be a scorcher to play live."

Speaking of live, Buckcherry will be playing throughout Europe over the next 6 weeks on the Rockstar Energy Drink Taste Of Chaos tour, alongside Disturbed, Papa Roach and Halestorm.

Buckcherry – Dead (2010)

As for the band’s latest album, Todd spells it out. “We set out to make a great rock record from beginning to end. That's always been our quest. When I listen back to 'All Night Long,' I think that this is definitely one of our strongest efforts to date and has a really definitive overall vibe.”

"I think we endure and evolve because we genuinely do this for the love of the music," adds Nelson. "All the by-products of loving the music -- being rock stars, having nice cars and lots of toys -- are pretty cool too, but that's not the motivating factor for us. The motivating factor for Buckcherry is that we all truly love being in a rock and roll band -- specifically, in this rock and roll band -- and that's the passion that drives everything else that we do."

Buckcherry – All Night Long (2010)