Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Doors’ Jim Morrison may get Florida pardon tomorrow

Tomorrow - December 9, the Florida Clemency Board, on the urging of outgoing Gov. Charlie Crist and in its last meeting of the year, will consider pardoning Doors frontman Jim Morrison.

Morrison was convicted of indecent exposure after a 1969 concert at Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami. The singer died two years later; he would have turned 67 on Wednesday, Dec. 8.

Fans of the band have long campaigned for a reversal or full-out dismissal of the charge, claiming Morrison never revealed any actual body parts.

Debates have gone on for decades as to what happened that night in an oversold Dinner Key Auditorium (would be interesting to know if the promoter, Ken Collier, was ever charged for this, even based on simple fire regulation laws), but no actual proof ever existed that Morrison did what he was convicted of.

Crist can't just issue a pardon on his own. He and the three-member Cabinet serve as the Clemency Board, and he needs at least two other votes in favor. Agriculture Commissioner Charles Bronson supports the idea, but Attorney General Bill McCollum and Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink remain uncommitted. All are leaving office Jan. 4.

(Re: above on the fire regulations issue; CFO Sink also serves as Florida's State Fire Marshal.)

It’s late, yes, but maybe a few last-minute notes from Doors fans will help influence McCollum and Swift to make the right decision here and grant Morrison the pardon.

If you feel motivated, you may contact the two “undecided” politicians directly to let them know your thoughts on what is set to take place tomorrow.


Florida Attorney General Bill McCallum
Switchboard: 850-414-3300
By email here.

Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink
By email here.

The Doors – Strange Days (1967)