Tuesday, December 7, 2010

“Learn To Play Van Halen, Volume 2” available

Wanna play like Eddie Van Halen?

Online guitarist resource site Lick Library has just added "Learn To Play Van Halen Volume 2" to its catalogue. With five new tracks, the two-DVD set features over three hours of guitar lessons, including covering Eddie Van Halen's groundbreaking solo techniques and killer riffs.

Van Halen is one of only five bands that have had two albums sell more than ten million copies in the USA. Fronted by the inimitable Eddie Van Halen, who is undoubtedly one of the most influential, original and talented rock guitarists of the twentieth century, the band is rumored to be getting set for the release of a new studio album and a tour in 2011.

The DVD is presented by Jamie Humphries, who specializes in all things rock and is renowned for his fastidious transcriptions and awesome backing tracks. This double DVD set give you the chance for one to one guitar tuition with Jamie and is not to be missed.

"Learn To Play Van Halen Volume 2" (RRP £24.99) features the VH version of the Kinks classic "You Really Got Me," from the VH debut album. This track was responsible for jump-starting VH's career. Also taken from this album is "I'm The One.” Jamie then moves to VHII and takes a look at the concert staple "Beautiful Girls." Their fourth album is regarded by many as their best and the DVD guitar lesson looks at the opening track "Mean Street." Finally you can study "Drop Dead Legs" from VH's most popular sixth album, "MCMLXXXIV" ("1984").

As you look at each track with Jamie, he will break it down into small manageable pieces, playing it slowly, then up'ing the tempo to a medium one before playing it up to tempo. All the time, because it is a Lick Library guitar lesson, you can see what both of Jamie's hands are doing with the familiar split screen. Jamie talks you through the techniques needed to nail that two-handed tapping so indicative of Eddie Van Halen's guitar playing, and get that Van Halen feel in your playing.

Other VH titles available through Lick Library include "Learn To Play Van Halen,” "Van Halen The Solos," "Quick Licks Fast Rock In The Style Of Van Halen" and "Guitar Techniques Van Halen."

Check out Lick Library to get your copy of the new DVD set.

Here’s a sample clip from the VH series…

Lick Library – “Jump” solo
“Learn To Play Van Halen The Solos” DVD

Van Halen – Jump (1984)