Friday, December 17, 2010

Matt Sorum: Velvet Revolver “real close” to finding new singer

It’s possible that Velvet Revolver’s needle-in-a-haystack-like search for a new singer is nearly over.

Blabbermouth is reporting that VR drummer Matt Sorum has updated VH1 Radio Networks' Dave Basner on the band’s singer search.

"We're real close [to finding the right person],” said Sorum “We got a guy that we like, but we haven't sat around a table and said to each other, 'Okay, let’s shake hands and do this.' Hopefully we'll be able to… I mean, I know this has been going on for a while but the reality of it is Slash has been on the road [promoting his solo album] for the last year. We only started rehearsing last week after a year off and we're going to rehearse again in January with this particular person."

So what's next for the group?

"After that process, we're gonna sit down and decide if he's the guy and then at that point, we'll make a record and go out on the road and tour again," Sorum added. "We all know that we want to make the right record and the right decisions and if it takes another year or two, it probably won't happen, but I feel very confident it's probably going to happen in 2011."

VR have been on hiatus since singer Scott Weiland left the group in April of 2008, but recently the band has been auditioning vocalists.

Velvet Revolver – Dirty Little Thing (2004)