Monday, January 3, 2011

Foo Fighters: This Video Sucks contest

The Foo Fighters are back with a new album this year – they just finished things up on Monday, and marked the occasion with the above group shot entitled “Champagne, anyone?”

Now that the record is done, Dave Grohl wants to get the fans involved.

“I had this idea that, instead of going and spending a ton of money on one video, made by a director who’s done it a trillion times,” says Grohl, “why not split up the cash and give it to the fans and let the fans make 11 different videos for the band. So that, instead of just making one video as the album comes out, we have 11 different videos for the 11 songs on the record.”

Foo Fighters – This Video Sucks contest (2011)

Foo Fighters “This Video Sucks” contest entry deadline is January 31 – winners of each of the 11 videos will be announced February 23.

Full details are at, and the rules are posted here.

Last month, the Foos posted an image of their production items on their Twitter page; it lists 13 songs and, since they’ve just confirmed there’ll be 11 tracks on the record, we can assume that 2 songs may be saved for later release, possibly as b-sides/bonus tracks, etc.

Foo Fighters
New release 2011 – production/song list

Miss the Misery
Dear Rosemary
These Days
A Matter of Time
Bridge Burning
Better Off
White Limo
I Should Have Known
Back & Forth
To No End

Foo Fighters – This Video Sucks – promo 1 (2011)

Foo Fighters – This Video Sucks – promo 2 (2011)

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