Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Metallica: 30th Anniversary photo exhibit opens in London next month

A special Metallica 30th anniversary photo exhibition is scheduled to open in London next month.

Classic Rock magazine reports the exhibit, entitled “Fade To Black: Metallica By Bill Hale,” will chronicle the band in their early years, featuring photographs captured by Hale between 1982-4.

This period in early Metallica history includes the line-up featuring Dave Mustaine and Ron McGovney, the first gig with Cliff Burton, the last show in the Bay Area with Mustaine and Kirk Hammett’s live debut in San Francisco.

The exhibition runs from February 3 to April 3 at the Proud Camden gallery in London.

Metallica Metallica

Metallica – Whiplash
“Cliff’s 2nd gig”
From Cliff ‘Em All DVD
The Stone - San Francisco, CA – March 19, 1983