Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queen to celebrate 40th Anniversary in 2011

Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor have a full year ahead as they mark the 40th Anniversary of the band.

The guys have posted their plans for Queen in 2011:

Queen-related activity in 2011

“QOL is entering a new phase in an important year for Queen, in our 40th Anniversary year.

To launch our new record deal with Island Records, there will be a lot of activity. A huge amount of work has already been put in behind the scenes, to unleash a completely newly mastered set of the original Queen LP’s and CD’s. I know our fans will appreciate the attention to detail, bringing the early albums closer than ever to the magic of the Vinyl originals, but with the benefit of up-to-the-minute quality technology.

Preparations are also well under way for the “Stormtroopers in Stilettoes” exhibition in London in the Spring, which will highlight in some innovative ways the growth of the ‘Early Queen’.

Work is now fully under way for the much-vaunted feature film on the life of Freddie. Peter Morgan has delivered a first draft of the movie, which everyone is very excited about, and Sacha Baron Cohen is chomping at the bit to get into the role, in a way which certainly would delight Freddie ! The whole team now working on preparing for a shoot later this year, and a release in the late Autumn of 2012.

We are also laying the foundations for WWRY THE MOVIE, and again, we already have a great script for it from Ben.”

“Roger and I will be working together on new WWRY theatre projects, too, beginning with the imminent launch of the show in Norway next month. And we have a couple of interesting new buns in the studio oven, about which more soon.

I will be doing some selected UK dates bringing ‘Anthems’ to life with Kerry Ellis in concert halls, including the Albert Hall in May. But Roger and I keep an ever-open door for ideas for Queen, the band, which, somehow, refuses to lie down!“

Cheers and a Happy New Year!
“WOW!!! 40 years of Queen. Who’d have thought it? As Brian’s given you all the info on our 40th year, i’ll keep it short. I can’t believe it’s been that long and that we are still around in such a big way. Amazed and grateful !!!”

Roger Taylor

Queen – Tie Your Mother Down
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