Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sebastian Bach sings U of Oregon Ducks fight song

Some crazy fun on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night, as Sebastian Bach dropped by to kick some ass.

Details from the Late Night site:

On January 10, the University of Oregon and Auburn University will battle it out on the football field to claim the BCS Championship.

Late Night has some Oregon alum on staff, so we decided to give Oregon its very own power ballad. And because we're Late Night, we're not just going to give you some lame fake power ballad.

We're going to give the mighty Oregon Ducks a power ballad for the ages, by having Skid Row front man and power ballad expert, SEBASTIAN BACH, sing it!!! GO DUCKS!

Sebastian Bach – University Of Oregon Ducks fight song
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – January 5, 2011