Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bret Michaels has health scare following surgery

Bret Michaels could sure use a break.

Sure, you could say he’s had quite a few in the past year, as his health issues piled up on top of each other last spring, but last Monday’s surgery to repair a hole in his heart was expected to close the book on this chapter.

Not so. Not yet, anyway.

People reports that, four days after the surgery, Bret’s blood pressure plunged. Tests showed the problem was not due to the surgery, but to dehydration and exhaustion, possibly as a result of his diabetes.

"Bret suffered no setbacks and is fine. It's always good for patients to be evaluated when they're not feeling well," says Dr. Mansour Assar, an interventional cardiologist.

His rep adds Michaels is eager to return to his work for the American Diabetes Association – he raised $400,000 this month with Ford for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation by auctioning off his '69 Camaro and other cars – and rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers at Sunday's big game.

A Pennsylvania native, Michaels says, "Having the Steelers win (in the playoffs) the night before my surgery was a sweet gift."

We know who Bret will be cheering for in this Sunday’s Super Bowl, while his fans cheer him on to a smooth recovery.

Bret Michaels – The Other Side Of Me (2006)

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