Sunday, February 27, 2011

KISS: NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning play the wrong Ace

Ace Frehley will be playing a post-NHL game concert following the Tampa Bay Lightning home game against the Ottawa Senators on March 11.

At least, we’re pretty sure it’s Ace that’s playing, but we’re not sure the Lightning promo department knows.

You see, the team has posted a banner outside the arena to promote the performance, but it’s not Ace – it’s an image of Tommy Thayer, who plays Ace in KISS these days.

No word, yet, on whether the Lightning will be correcting their error – or if they’ve decided to book Thayer for the event, instead.

Someone is scheduled to play a concert outdoors on the West Plaza stage immediately following the game…

Guess we’ll see which “Ace” shows up.

Stay tuned.


KISS – New York Groove
Continental Airlines Arena – East Rutherford, NJ – December 31, 1996

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