Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Metallica to start work on new album in the Spring

A two-year world tour is enough to suggest a band needs some down time to chill out and relax, before feeling inspired again to create new music.

Unless the band is feeling like they’re on a roll, and unless that band is Metallica.

"There is a really good vibe in the band at the moment," drummer Lars Ulrich tells the Danish tabloid newspaper Ekstra Bladet, during an interview at the band's headquarters in San Rafael, California last month. "Previously, Metallica would hang us by the throat when we came home from a mammoth world tour, but this time it's different. Therefore it does not appear to be a long time before we start work on a new album. I think we'll be ready in March and April - when the creative process reaches a boil we'll go into the studio."

Push the images of the 2004 “Some Kind Of Monster” documentary out of your head: Metallica are definitely in a good place these days.

"We really enjoy it now," says Lars. "It has helped in our relationship that we all have families and that we have children who work well together. There were some bad years when we never really talked together, we just hopped in a vodka bottle and went out to look for ladies. It meant we did not share our feelings with each other. Today we talk a lot about our children and our families, and it has helped that we have something else to talk about than what the setlist is tonight."

As for Metallica’s 30th anniversary, Ulrich says, "When I look back, I am most proud that we have actually survived what we have lived through the last 30 years, and have come through unscathed in a way that we currently act as a whole and as human beings and fathers."

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Metallica – Fuel
Arenes de Nimes – Nimes, France – July 7, 2009

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