Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oasis will never reform, says Liam Gallagher

Stick a fork in Oasis; they are long past done.

Following a lifelong of feuding with brother Noel, and a nasty band split in 2009, Liam Gallagher has no plans to put Oasis back together.

"Never," Liam tells The Guardian. "This is not a stopgap until me and Noel come to our senses and start Oasis again. That is well and truly done."

Beady Eye is Liam’s focus these days, with their debut album, “Different Gear, Still Speeding,” set for release February 28, and their live debut at Glasgow's Barrowland on March 3.

In a live setting, Beady Eye will blast through their album, a B-side and a cover of a track by the early-90s Manchester band World of Twist. But they won't play any Oasis material. "That's where it's really gonna happen," says Gallagher with certainty, record sales be damned.

"They're gonna f**king love it, mate," insists Gallagher. "I know what they like. We've got the same DNA. They're gonna dig it, cos we're gonna be on form, man. That's why we're rehearsing like f**k."

And if people do shout for Oasis songs?

“I've got a microphone, we've got guitars, we'll drown them out,"
says Gallagher. "They can shout what they f**king want."

Liam’s hunger to prove himself and move forward is evident.

“Look, there's a big f**king spirit up there," says Gallagher, glancing skywards. "It was in Oasis and now it's in Beady Eye. And it said, 'If you think you're having a year off, you little f**king prick, you're tripping. Get out there!' And thank f**k for it. We used to speak about Oasis wanting to be the best band in the world. Well, that's how we feel in this. We wanna go round the world. We wanna inspire kids. We wanna play some great f**king gigs."

Check out the full Liam Gallagher interview at The Guardian here.

Beady EyeBeady Eye

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