Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paul Stanley: KISS reunion talk goodbye

You have to know that there are KISS fans out there who would love to see a second reunion of the original lineup: they may be fans who were there during the band’s 1970s launch and heyday; fans who saw the first reunion when the band did its “farewell” (ahem) tour in 2000; and, in fact, there’s probably new KISS fans who missed all of the above.

With Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley clearly steering the KISS ship, even through its roughest waters, issues with former original bandmates Ace Frehley and Peter Criss are a thing of the past.

Stanley was a guest on CNN’s Connect The World With Becky Anderson on Wednesday, and while taking questions from fans, was asked about the possibility of a second original KISS reunion.

“I think one was enough,” said Stanley. “When we did it, we did it for the right reasons. It was interesting because the word that comes up is ‘closure.’ You get a chance to go back and revisit relationships and see if they’ve changed at all. For the most part, sadly, you find that they remain as they were.”

“We had a good time that kind of deteriorated over time,”
continued Paul, “and when we did the farewell tour, I realized that I didn’t want to say farewell to KISS, I wanted to say farewell to two of the members.”

Find out what else Paul had to say on this at RockAAA here.

CNN – Paul Stanley interview
Connect The World With Becky Anderson – February 16, 2011

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