Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sebastian Bach tells Skid Row: “Kiss my ass!”

Sebastian Bach was on hand last week at the press conference to announce the details of the 2011 Revolver Golden Gods awards show.

Billed as America’s only hard rock and heavy metal awards, the 3rd Annual Revolver Golden God Awards will take place Wednesday, April 20, at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles. The event will be televised on VH1 Classic on May 28.

Bach will host the red carpet pre-show, which should prove to be interesting, not to mention the amount of editing that footage is going to require before it airs on VH1.

At the press conference, Sebastian was asked if he would ever consider a Skid Row reunion.

And that’s when the sparks started flying…

"No, because I don't base my life in 2011 on, like, 30 years ago,” said Bach. “And I also... I was kicked out of that band. Like, if you worked at Pizza Hut and you got fired, would you be knocking on the door of the Pizza Hut, 'Please let me back in.' You'd be, like, 'F**k Pizza Hut! F**k you!' I'd be, like, 'F**k you! You wanna f**king kick me out? Go f**k yourself!' [Laughs] I'm always perplexed by that. You don't want me to sing in your band? Kiss my f**king ass! Don't hurt yourself finding someone that can. [Laughs]"

Bach is currently in the studio with guitarist Nick Sterling and producer Bob Marlette working on his new album, tentatively due this summer via Italian label Frontiers Records.

Skid Row Skid Row

Skid Row – I Remember You (1990)

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