Thursday, February 3, 2011

VIDEO: John Mellencamp performs blues classic

Last month, John Mellencamp was a guest on A&E's Private Sessions.

On the show, John spoke with host Lynn Hoffman about his new release “No Better Than This,” how he dropped the imposed name of "Cougar," and came into his own as a musician.

Mellencamp also performed some acoustic versions of new tracks and a few of his classics.

While warming up for the show, which was taped in December, John played a song called "Delia," first recorded by Blind Willie McTell 71 years ago as part of producer Alan Lomax's sessions for the Library of Congress.

"If you look back at American music, like 'Delia,' it was all about death and suffering," Mellencamp told Rolling Stone. "That why they call it blues. In today's world we have so many candy-coated songs that have become popular music."

John Mellencamp – Delia
A&E Private Sessions web exclusive