Monday, April 4, 2011

Gary Moore’s estate valued at more than $3 million

Work on settling the estate of renowned guitarist Gary Moore continues, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

Moore passed away in his sleep February 6 at the age of 58, from a heart attack while on holiday in Spain.

The guitarist reportedly left an estate worth over £2 million (approximately $3.23 million).

Records released last week show that Moore's estate was worth £2.077 million (approximately $3.36 million), but this was reduced after liabilities to a net figure of £1.021 million (approximately $1.65 million).

The High Court in England granted a temporary order allowing his executors power to run his companies, Orionstar and Bonuswise, pending a final settlement of his estate.

Moore, with an address in Hove, England, had two sons from a former marriage and a daughter from his relationship with Jo Rendle. It is not known if he left a will.

Gary Moore Gary Moore

Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues
Live - 2008

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