Saturday, May 7, 2011

Motorhead: Lemmy’s HeadCat returns

HeadCat (formerly The Head Cat) is alive and well, thank you very much.

The three-piece rockabilly supergroup – which features Motorhead’s Lemmy, The Stray Cats' drummer Slim Jim Phantom and Lonesome Spur/Rockats/13 Cats guitarist Danny B Harvey – are set to issue their first new material in 11 years on July 5, with the release of their second album, “Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk.”

The disc follows the “Lemmy, Slim Jim & Danny B” album in 2000, which was re-released as “Fool's Paradise” in 2006 after the group finalized their official name.

HeadCat was formed after recording the Elvis Presley tribute album “Swing Cats, A Special Tribute to Elvis” in 2000, to which all three contributed individually. The trio jammed some old rockabilly songs following the recording sessions and decided to pursue the idea further.

"Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk” features a dozen tracks, including covers of Chuck Berry’s “Let It Rock” and Eddie Cochran’s “Something Else.”

Live clips of some of the tracks are streaming now at

“Walk The Walk, Talk The Talk”
Release date: July 5

01 - American Beat
02 - Say Mama
03 - I Ain't Never
04 - Bad Boy
05 – Shakin’ All Over
06 - Let It Rock
07 - Something Else
08 - The Eagle Flies On Friday
09 – Trying To Get To You
10 - You Can't Do That
11 - It'll Be Me
12 - Crossroads Blues

HeadCat – Shakin’ All Over

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