Saturday, May 7, 2011

Queensryche unveil new album details

Hard to believe it’s been 30 years since Seattle rockers Queensryche formed, but time flies when you’re rockin’ your life away, I guess.

The band marks its anniversary with the release of "Dedicated To Chaos" on June 28 in North America.

“Modern life moves fast,” commented frontman Geoff Tate about the album. “Plug into the rhythm of the now with our 12th studio album, ‘Dedicated to Chaos.’ It’s a clash and slash of musical experimentation anchored by the pulse of digital code. Enjoy – headphones are a must.”

"It's kind of like an 'Empire' record set 25 years in the future,” Tate recently told Paul Anthony of U.K.’s Rock Radio. “It's a very listenable record, I think. I think people will find it interesting to listen to on headphones, especially. There's a lot going on with it. And there's definitely an emphasis on the rhythm section. Eddie [Jackson, bass] and Scott [Rockenfield, drums] have written a lot of the songs on this particular record, so it really showcases what they do, which is something very special. This record is definitely a boundary-pusher in a lot of respects, I think. It's always difficult to describe music; it's better to experience it. So I'll let people hear it and make up their own minds."

Queensryche are currently planning a tour in support of the new disc, which was recorded in the group's hometown and produced by Kelly Gray.

The band played 2011 Synergia Northwest on Friday (May 6) at the Moore Theatre in Seattle to support youth music education. The concert event raises funds to provide extended learning, enrichment and performance opportunities to music students who would not have the necessary financial resources in the Seattle area.

"Dedicated To Chaos"
Release date: June 28 (N. America)

01 - Get Started
02 - Hot Spot Junkie
03 - Got It Bad
04 - Around The World
05 - Higher
06 - Retail Therapy
07 - At The Edge
08 - Broken
09 - Hard Times
10 - Drive
11 - I Believe
12 - Luvnu
13 - Wot We Do
14 - I Take You
15 - The Lie
16 - Big Noize

By the way, let’s give a shout out to TheMindClot for the killer job on the animated “Dedicated To Chaos” video above…nicely done!

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Queensryche – Queen Of The Reich (1983)