Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Metallica: Halifax show is a go

Something got fixed in Halifax, albeit behind closed doors, and the show will go on.

The Chronicle Herald reports that, over the past week, Halifax Regional Municipality threatened to withhold permits necessary to run the July 14 Rock The Hill event with Metallica in an effort to pressure the concert promoter to repay the $359,000 lost in the cash-for-concerts debacle.

Harold MacKay, whose wife, Michelle, officially heads MacKay Entertainment, responded by contacting his lawyer David Coles.

It appears the city blinked in the standoff.

At 4:25 this afternoon, HRM issued this news release.

"MacKay Entertainment Inc. and Halifax Regional Municipality are very pleased to confirm that Rock the Hill is going forward as planned. In recent days, issues have been raised with respect to the provision of services associated with the concert. Any outstanding issues have been resolved. We look forward to residents and visitors enjoying a great time at a great concert in a great city."

An hour later, HRM chief administrative officer Richard Butts, Harold MacKay and city lawyer Martin Ward held a news conference at MacKay's lawyer's office in Dartmouth.

Butts confirmed the concert organizer would receive all necessary permits. He evaded questions about the status of the money the concert organizer received in order to put on the Black Eyed Peas concert last summer, money it could not repay when ticket sales tanked.

"I don't know what the future will hold," he said. "I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow.”

MacKay Entertainment Inc. has claimed victory in its battle with the city to obtain municipal permits for fire, police and other services for the Metallica concert.

MacKay told reporters he was extremely pleased that the Metallica concert is a go; he also reiterated his long-held position that he doesn't owe the city any money.

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