Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ZZ Top: New album is ‘loud, fast’

“We’re preparing for the release of ZZ Top’s next recorded work - soon to hit the streets - hopefully by the end of 2011,” ZZ guitar legend Billy Gibbons tells Houston’s Fox 26. “This year is gonna be a banner year on a number of levels but we’re throwing our hat in the ring.”

As hennemusic initially reported last September, ZZ’s new project was produced by a music industry legend.

“We have stepped out and joined forces with a notorious character within the record world…Mr. Rick Rubin,” says Billy.

“Rick has successfully brought in his particular piece of magic in offering a few suggestions,” he adds, “and basically stepped back and he said ‘you really don’t have to get much better; just do what you do.’ He realizes the foundational piece of this great American art form of the blues penetrates so much of popular music, he said ‘just turn it up and let’s go.’”

A few weeks ago, fans learned that a new ZZ song, “Flyin’ High,” was doing just that - in outer space. Astronaut and ZZ pal Michael Fossum, currently headed to the International Space Station on a Russian spacecraft, is carrying a copy of the track, which will show up on the new album.

Where is the project at these days? “We finished tracking, going into the next mode of mastering,” says Gibbons.

Any hints at what fans can expect for the first new ZZ album since 2003? “Since the music is a return to the early ZZ Top roots, I believe there’s always that Tex-Mex accompaniment,” Billy says. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we leaned that direction again.”

“We’re having a blast. It’s loud, it’s fast…streamlined right on down the line. ZZ Top is just what it is.”

Starting this week, ZZ Top are playing a month of shows in Europe before returning to the States for a full slate of gigs this summer.

ZZ Top – Billy Gibbons interview
Fox26 – Houston, TX

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