Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pink Floyd: David Gilmour’s son to appeal jail sentence

David Gilmour and his family are planning to appeal the 16-month jail sentence handed down to the Pink Floyd guitarist’s son for his part in last December’s student protest in London, according to a report by The London Evening Standard.

21 year-old Charlie Gilmour was sentenced for violent disorder for his actions during the protest, which included swinging from a union flag on the Cenotaph and later leaping on the bonnet of a Jaguar car forming part of the royal convoy taking the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to the royal variety performance that was attacked by demonstrators. He also set fire to papers outside the supreme court in Parliament Square and was seen kicking at a window of a Topshop branch in Oxford Street and later carrying the leg of a mannequin.

Gilmour solicitor Robert Brown confirmed the family, including his mother, author Polly Samson, are "actively considering grounds for appeal”; they are said to be hopeful of reducing his sentence.

The young Gilmour is said to have gone on a drink and drugs binge after being rejected by his natural father, poet Heathcote Williams. Charlie’s friends say Williams sent Gilmour an "incomprehensible" email in November saying he was cutting him out of his life after an initial reunion last summer.

The Cambridge University student was reportedly "devastated" by the rejection.

Kingston crown court heard Gilmour had taken LSD and valium prior to the protest and, in court last week, he was jailed after admitting violent disorder, despite a plea for leniency because of his personal problems.

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