Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Queen: Roger Taylor to re-release anti-Rupert Murdoch song

News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch is fighting for his company as the U.K. media phone-hacking scandal continues.

Public anger was on display Tuesday as an intruder managed to deliver a shaving cream pie to Murdoch’s face while he was in a British Parliamentary hearing, causing shockwaves throughout the room. The stunned 80 year-old Murdoch was aided by his third wife, Wendi Deng, as the 42 year-old came to his defense by taking a swing at the protester - probably a good thing he isn’t married to someone his own age, because Deng moved far faster than a septuagenarian or an octogenarian would, let alone security in the room. Still, little consolation for the real life Montgomery Burns as he was embarrassed in front of the world while awkwardly stumbling through his testimony.

Queen’s Roger Taylor
is clearly no fan of the media mogul, as he is getting set to release an updated version of his song, “Dear Mr. Murdoch,” from his 1994 release, “Happiness.”

This is not the first time Roger has faced off against the Murdoch empire – when Rupert made attempts to buy Manchester United football club in 1998, Taylor was identified as the mystery rock star who funded the club supporters in their attempts to block the sale, and historically helped them succeed.

Taylor has revisited his original recording and made some ‘subtle updates’ to the track which can now be heard on YouTube and should be available at iTunes early this week.

For now, Taylor is saying no more on the subject, other than “the original lyrics speak for themselves.”

Lyrics to Dear Mr. Murdoch 2011 (Roger Taylor)

Dear Mr. Murdoch, what have you done
With your news of the screws and your soaraway sun?
You sharpen our hatred
You've blunted our minds
We're drowning in nipples and bingo and sex crimes

How many times must they poke and they pry
Must they twist and lie?
Just to add to the grime they even screwed up the times
Love to kick their arse goodbye oh wouldn't i!

Dear Mr. Murdoch you play hard to see
But with your bare-arsed cheek you should be on page three
And dear Mr. Murdoch you're really the pits
Bad news is good business, you're the king of the tits

They stain all they touch, they're real woman haters
But we're on their trail
They go straight for the lowest common denominators
How could they fail? go straight to jail - (no bail)!

Dear Mr. Murdoch you're a powerful man
You control half our media whose lifeblood is scam
And dear Mr. Murdoch we're not so amused
Just line up the people whose lives they've abused

And dear Mr. Murdoch you come down from on high
You even bought up the air waves, you control all our sky

Dear Mr. Murdoch where are you coming from?
Getting so hard to tell if you're a yank, oz or pom
Dear Mr. Murdoch you're really the pits
Bad news is good business, you're the king of the tits

Roger Taylor Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor – Dear Mr. Murdoch (2011 version)

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