Tuesday, July 26, 2011

VIDEO: Ray Davies rocks Jimmy Fallon

Ray Davies made a rare US tv appearance Monday night, playing live on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Ray was on hand to promote his fall 2010 release, “See My Friends,” a collaborative tribute with other artists to the Davies brothers’ legendary band, The Kinks.

Upon the disc’s release last fall, Davies was forced to cancel a short US tour due to an undisclosed “medical condition,” as doctors advised him not to travel until things had stabilized.

On Fallon, Ray performed the Kinks classic “Till The End Of The Day” with The 88, just as it appears on the album; the pairing also recorded The Kinks’ “David Watts” as a web exclusive.

Ray Ray Davies

Ray Davies with The 88 – Till The End Of The Day
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – July 25, 2011

Ray Davies with The 88 – David Watts
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – July 25, 2011
Web exclusive

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