Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne has cross made from 9/11 rubble

Ozzy Osbourne was presented with an iron cross made from the steel of the World Trade Center by New York City firemen and policemen in the weeks following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Ozzy and his family were staying at a New York City hotel when hijackers crashed two planes into the New York City landmark.

Ozzy’s wife, Sharon, spoke about her memories of the attacks on her daytime talk show "The Talk," last Thursday, where she explained how her husband received the prized possession.

"That morning, we went downstairs for breakfast. The kids and I,” Sharon began. “And we're in the dining room and there was Mayor Giuliani, having breakfast. And then suddenly all of these men came and whispered in his ear...and he went off...and then we go upstairs, [and we're] watching the news and then we see what the whole world saw.”

"You can't take like, this, 'Oh poor me, I'm so scared.' I was blessed that I had my family with me. But it leaves you just totally numb,”
she continued. “And to think now...10 years later, it's still going on because our men and women from all over the world, not just here [in America], are still fighting…repercussions because of that action.”

"I can remember the day that it happened; we went up to the roof of the hotel and we were looking down 5th Avenue,”
said Sharon. “There was nothing. There was nobody. There were no birds. There was nothing. It was silent. And that silence is terrifying. We got out of New York...and drove back to L.A. And driving across the country it was unbelievable, just that same eerie silence."

Ozzy returned a few weeks later to play a concert for the firefighters and first responders who risked their lives to save others. As a show of gratitude, "They made him this cross, which is made of one of the girdles from the South Tower," Sharon said. "And when they gave it to him, it was two weeks later, literally, this isn't an exaggeration, it was still warm [from the burning]."

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