Friday, October 7, 2011

AUDIO: Hear new Fastway single

Fastway are back next month with a new album.

Fastway currently features former Motorhead guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke and Little Angels vocalist Toby Jepson.

The original version of Fastway was formed in 1983 by Clarke and UFO bassist Pete Way, teaming up with Humble Pie drummer Jerry Shirley and up-and-coming singer Dave King. The band’s self-titled debut included killer tracks like “Easy Living” and “Say What You Will,” bot only weeks after its release, the enigmatic Way quit the group, leaving Fast Eddie to carry on the project. 1984’s “All Fired Up” followed, as did lineup changes, until the band faded into history.

In 2007, Jepson signed on for some festival appearances by the group, and has been there ever since.

Now, Fastway return in 2011 with “Dog Eat Dog,” due November 11th in Germany and November 14th in Europe. The guys have offered up the first single from the new release, a track called “Leave The Light On.”

Check it out…and we’ll thrown in some vintage Fastway for you, as well.

Fastway Fastway

Fastway – Leave The Light On (2011)

Fastway – Say What You Will (1983)