Monday, October 3, 2011

KISS to work with Lady Gaga?

Could KISS be teaming up with Lady Gaga?

It’s not out of the question, says guitarist Paul Stanley.

“Anything's possible. She's terrific, and it's not improbable,” he tells LA Weekly in a new interview.

How did the subject come up, you ask? Well, the new KISS album will be called “Monster,” and, of course, the Gaga connection stems from the pop singer calling her fans “little monsters.”

Yup, not much to go on, but there it is. And hey, KISS wouldn’t be the first rockers to collaborate with the Lady: she enlisted Clarence Clemons and Queen’s Brian May for her latest album, and she’s been raving about Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden for some time, so there’s already a mutual thing going on between the pop and rock worlds there.

Beyond all that, Gene Simmons spoke highly of the pop star last year, as well. “We appreciate Gaga,” said Gene. “I’ll take Gaga over Madonna any day. Anybody that gets visual on stage and is in your face…she’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a decade."

Last year, Gaga caught up with KISS at their show in New Jersey…she even wore Stanley’s stage boots - see the photo above.

And…check out Paul Stanley’s interview with LA Weekly here.


KISS – Modern Day Delilah
Late Show with David Letterman – October 6, 2009

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