Wednesday, October 19, 2011

VIDEO: Gene Simmons gets married

The whole world already knew it happened but, this week, KISS fans were able to tune in and see it for themselves: the wedding of Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.

Despite the event taking place weeks ago, Gene’s TV series was behind the ball when it came to getting the footage on air, due to the October 1 wedding being squeezed into the KISS bassist’s hectic schedule...ahead of the start of the show’s new season.

Nonetheless, the big day came and things looked like they went off without a single hitch from start to finish.

With a lot of work and a little luck, all weddings should run this smoothly.

The only thing missing, really, and you could say she was there in spirit, was Gene’s Mom, who was unable to attend following a recent health scare. Rather than risk further stress on her system, Gene never pushed the issue with Mom and the two connected by phone before things got underway.

A&E has not posted much video of the episode to share, at this point, but a Gene fan has offered up cam-shot footage of the ceremony portion of the 2-hour broadcast. Check it out before it gets yanked off youtube...

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