Monday, October 31, 2011

VIDEO: Helix singer guests on Cover Me Canada

A rare sighting of some Helix on TV these days happened Sunday night on CBC Canada’s American Idol-wannabe reality series, Cover Me Canada.

The show follows the same premise as Idol and a zillion other singing contests, with a forgettable host (Nicole Appleton, aka All Saints singer turned Mrs. Liam Gallagher), a judging panel made up of some artists rounded out by a music industry geek, and featuring up and coming acts trying to make it in the biz.

Regardless, there is some talent on the show, and fortunately, Helix singer Brian Vollmer hooked up with one of the standouts, Melanie Morgan.

The pair connected on a version of Helix’s 1983 Canadian hit, “Heavy Metal Love.”

Throughout the series, Morgan’s been handed a bunch of rock tracks, including songs by Triumph, Steppenwolf and Bryan Adams, but she sounds most at home with country-tinged material, which lends itself better to her natural vocal style.

The show is down to the final four as it heads towards the finale and its prize: $100,000 and a recording contract for an original single to be released by the Canadian arm of an international record label.

The Melanie Morgan Band w/Brian Vollmer of Helix – Heavy Metal Love
Cover Me Canada – October 30, 2011

Helix Helix

Helix – Heavy Metal Love (1983)

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