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Rock News Story Of The Year #10: STEVE PERRY

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Rock News Story of The Year #10: STEVE PERRY

February 26, 2011

Ex-Journey singer Steve Perry working on new music

A lot of music fans have been wondering what former Journey singer Steve Perry has been up to these days.

A few months ago, there was a false rumor - reported by a British tabloid – that Perry had asked his former bandmates if he could rejoin Journey. Never happened, according to reps for everyone involved.

However, Perry did give an extensive interview to Classic Rock magazine in December, in a profile about the classic Journey album, “Escape.”

In the same session, Perry spoke about some new music he’s been working on. "A little over a year-and-a-half ago,” said Perry, “I felt I could maybe come back to it. I have been writing. I have about 50 songs, in a little over a year. I never thought I'd do it again, but I decided to open up that room and see what I could find."

"Some of it sounds familiar,”
he added, “some of it sounds contemporary, some of it you can't put a label on — and I've never been big on labels anyway."

A timeline for the project, and its release, just isn’t in the cards at this time. "I'll be honest,” said Perry, “I don't really know how to do that. But I can definitely smell a solo project on the horizon. I will be recording some music."

If it sees the light of day, the project will mark Perry’s first new album since 1994's "For The Love Of A Strange Medicine."

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