Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sebastian Bach: 4 of 5 Skid Row members want reunion

A Skid Row reunion may be closer than fans think.

Despite years of saying it would never happen, Sebastian Bach has come forward to update fans on the possibility of such an event.

"Four out of five [members of the classic Skid Row lineup] want to do it. Believe it or not, I am one of the four who would do it," tweeted Bach on Sunday in response to a fan question about the situation.

There’s no word of which band member is holding things up on the possible project.

This news comes on the heels of comments made by Bach last month, when he told the Boise Music Examiner there was music industry interest in a Skid Row reunion.

"We [Skid Row] got offered a couple of reunion shows,” said the singer. “A lot of the time people say, ‘How come you aren't together?' and I've never been offered any reunion with those guys until this year. There was a couple of offers for this Knebworth gig in England. Sonisphere… And they actually printed up a poster, 'KISS with special guests Skid Row,' and that was actually a real thing, but those guys [the current members of Skid Row] did not want to do it."

Bach either left Skid Row, or was fired – depending on who’s telling the story – in 1996 after a disagreement with band members on whether or not the band should open for KISS; Bach felt they should while the others disagreed. Four years later, irony had its way when the band - without Bach – opened for KISS on their 2000 (ahem) “Farewell” tour.

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