Tuesday, May 15, 2012

VIDEO: Sex Pistols guitarist opens Scotland week with Craig Ferguson

Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones was on hand to help kick off Scotland week on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson Monday night.

Ferguson and his cast of characters romped through a punked up version of “Scottish Rite Temple Stomp.”

Written by John Crozier, the song was originally recorded by Ninian Hawick, a collective of musicians who churn out an experimental take of lo-fi power pop. Formerly of Shebrews, the Hang Ups, and the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group, Crozier got together with vocalist Heather McElhatton for a collaboration of guitars, bagpipes, and piano, releasing “Steep Steps” in 1998

It’s a rare week on the road for Ferguson, who returned to his homeland recently to film a series of shows. Last year, Craig taped a week of programs in Paris, France.

Ninian Hawick Ninian Hawick

Craig Ferguson with Steve Jones - Scottish Rite Temple Stomp
Late, Late Show with Craig Fergsuon – May 14, 2012

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