Wednesday, July 25, 2012

VIDEO: KISS perform private set at Raleigh meet & greet

KISS and Motley Crue kicked off their summer co-headlining tour of North America last weekend.

As the rockers rolled into Raleigh, NC on Sunday for the third show, the schedule was tight, and KISS' crew needed all available time to set up the massive stage for the evening's show. This left KISS without enough time to do a sound check.

So, rather than cancel the sound check part of the KISS Meet & Greet, Paul Stanley came up with the idea of performing an impromptu "private" set for the Meet & Greet tent.

First, the band did a Q&A, answering questions from the fans who attended the Meet & Greet. Then, they proceeded to play a four-sing mini-set: "Calling Dr. Love," "C'mon and Love Me," "Beth" and "Hard Luck Woman."

The band was seated for the performance with Eric Singer using a plastic bucket for a drum.

The reaction from the fans, crew and the band themselves was so positive that this experience has been made a permanent part of the Meet & Greet.

KISS will now perform a "private" set each evening for fans instead of a sound check.


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