Friday, September 28, 2012

Sebastian Bach announces new guitarist

Sebastian Bach has announced Los Angeles-based guitarist Jeff George as the new addition to his solo band.

“My new guitar player ROCKS!!,” tweeted Bach before George’s first show on Friday. “We are going to destroy Halifax tonight! Welcome to the band @jeffgeorgemusic”

The new follows headlines Bach made this summer when guitarist Nick Sterling was missing in action for the band’s August 2nd live broadcast from Los Angeles via AXS TV (formerly HDNet).

Sterling was let go after failing to sign legal agreements pertaining to the broadcast, according to Sebastian.

"We did a big broadcast on AXS TV that we worked really, really hard on. It was a very big deal that we were on television from coast to coast all across the United States of America,” Bach told Green Bay’s 93 Rock. “Everybody that was involved in the broadcast had to sign a release so we could film it and they would agree to be part of the broadcast and the DVD coming out. Everybody [else] signed it. I talked to Nick two days before the show and he still hadn't signed it. And I'm like, 'Dude, we're filming this in two days. You have to sign this.' And he guaranteed to me on the phone that he would sign it and be a part of it, and then when we got to soundcheck, he wouldn't sign the release. So we could not film the show with him; he wouldn't let us. He wanted all these sorts of demands that nobody else in the band wanted that were completely unreasonable.”

"I wish Nick all the best,”
summed up the singer. “I hope he can figure out how to be the type of man, as a human being, to other people as the incredible musician as he is on stage… He's an amazing, amazing guitar player, but if you can't honor your word and can't be a team player and consider all the other musicians on stage and the business side of things and how much effort people put into doing a live broadcast across the country, and then you just [decide not to] do it, like, an hour before the show, I don't wanna play with you anymore. And that's the way it is. I'm not into fighting all the time. So if you wanna fight with me, it's not gonna last too long. [laughs]"

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