Thursday, August 15, 2013

Buckcherry release video for Nothing Left But Tears

Buckcherry have released the video for their new single, “Nothing Left But Tears”.

The clip, from the band’s latest album, “Confessions”, was directed by Daniel Andres Gomez Bagby.

The video features each of the band members personifying one of the seven deadly sins, the same ones that inspired the album.

"It's evil, powerful, creepy and fun — it's an incredible piece of art," says frontman Josh Todd, with Gomez adding, "we're taking a step into the dark and seeing what happens afterwards."

"It opens in a roadside motel where there was a murder-suicide, and the video is the aftermath,” explains Gomez. “Our character comes back from the dead and walks into a tunnel that is the pathway to hell and ends up in an 'Alice In Wonderland'-meets-'Dante's Inferno' tea party where six of the seven deadly sins are having a party in the middle of the forest — our interpretation of hell."

"There are so many cool characters in the video, and it's the first video where we didn't play instruments,” adds guitarist Keith Nelson. “It was a lot of fun to do something different."

“Confessions” debuted at #20 on the US Billboard 200 Albums chart upon its release in February.

Buckcherry are currently on tour across North America.

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