Friday, March 7, 2014

Motley Crue guitarist unhappy with band’s use of backing tapes in concert

Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars says he’s unhappy with band’s use of backing tapes in concert.

Mars, who tells New York DJ Eddie Trunk that his "voice sucks so bad", was asked about the Crue’s use of taped resources to fill out their sound on stage.

"That's a whole another story right there, son…," began Mars. "That could get me in a lot of trouble. I could say there's, like, a… Let me put it this way… I'll just say two words and you'll know: Britney Spears."

Asked if the issue was somewhat of a controversial one within the band, Mars replied, "No, but I think that it is between a lot of fans, a lot of music people."

"I don't like it,” he continued. “I think a band like ours… I have to say '60s bands were my favorite — '60s and '70s bands — because they were real, like, three-piece bands or four-piece bands, and they just got up there and kicked it up. Made a mistake? So what? Sounded a little bit empty here or there? So what? It's the bigness and the rawness and the people that developed and wrote the songs and made them and presented them. To me, that's what I really like. I mean, I could put on a Motley CD and play with it all day long. I don't wanna do that."

Hear Mars’ full interview with Eddie Trunk below; the backing tape issue starts around 1:06:00 into the session.

Motley Crue will launch their farewell tour with guest Alice Cooper July 2 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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