Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Former KISS guitarist raves about band’s Rock Hall induction

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick is sharing his thoughts in a new post about the induction of the band’s original lineup into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame last week.

“Now that I'm back in LA, unpacked and exhausted, it is time to share my thoughts and experiences from my day with KISS at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony,” writes Kulick on his website. “Why is my head still soaring in the clouds with joy over such a controversial induction ceremony, where KISS was treated poorly at best and I was snubbed by the powers that be at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? Simple. Tom Morello's speech showed passion and respect for all years of KISS. Thank you, Tom, for your eloquent words so clearly laying out what KISS means to people and how important it was for KISS to be inducted. Including all the members of KISS as you represented the HoF from the podium made me very proud.”

“Next elation moment for me? Gene Simmons giving me a shout out during his induction speech that will ring in my head for the rest of my life: ‘The Great Bruce Kulick!’ I nearly fell off my chair! I know Gene has always showed me respect in spades, and the feeling's mutual, but to have such a powerful figure in the world of music and show business single me out that way was so special for me to hear. Paul's intelligent and eloquent words laying out the joy and the frustration of what the Hall did with regard to KISS and how the people that matter are the fans who BUY the music and BUY the tickets to the shows was powerful to hear, and important to note. He also mentioned my name, along with [drummer] Eric [Singer] and [guitarist] Tommy [Thayer], who were sitting next to me.”

The guitarist goes on to share a timeline of details about his experience at the Rock Hall ceremony, including his own confirmation about the allegations of the indifferent treatment KISS received by event organizers as reported by both Stanley and Simmons (read details here).

Kulick further summed up his thoughts on the induction event and his own place in the band’s history.

“For me, I was along for the ride. A ride that for my KISS years--performing, touring, recording, doing videos and photo shoots and interviews, losing a band member, getting a new drummer, making more great music, and then being left behind for the reunion tour to carry on the legacy of KISS--was completely validated,” he writes. “The acknowledgment of my contributions, the acceptance of the fans, and the love and support I get from them means the world to me. My love for the fans who support me will always be appreciated, and the talent that I contributed to this great band will always be known in my heart. Having those "shout outs" at the podium made all the times I didn't feel as much a part of the KISS legacy completely and utterly washed away. My contribution is solidified in KISSTORY.”

“I had a magical opportunity the day I was asked to join KISS in 1984 as the lead guitarist. I never disrespected it, and although I am not sure I understood the importance of it back during those amazing 12 years, I now do,” explains the guitarist. “Thanks to Gene and Paul for the invite of a lifetime, both for the time in the band and this fateful night in Brooklyn. I guess going home to where I was born for such a momentous event means life can certainly come full circle without you ever really making the plans. Being patient and "steady as it goes" gave me this night to share with you all. I know I am blessed and I don't take that lightly. Now go crank up your favorite
KISS music and celebrate the fact the world knows that KISS music means everything to millions on this planet. I am just one part of it. The KISS ARMY is what keeps it valid and will carry the cause forever.”

Read Bruce Kulick’s full Rock Hall induction event story here.

As a member of KISS from 1984 to 1996, Kulick played on five studio albums with the group, including “Animalize” (1984), "Asylum" (1985), "Crazy Nights" (1987), “Hot In The Shade” (1989) and “Revenge” (1992), appeared on 1996’s “KISS Unplugged” as well as 1997’s “Carnival Of Souls: The Final Sessions.”

Kulick has the distinction of being one of only two members in KISS to never wear the band’s trademarked makeup on stage (along with Mark St. John), as well as one of two to be billed under his birth name (along with current guitarist Tommy Thayer).

Bruce is the lead guitarist for Grand Funk Railroad, with whom he has been playing since 2001.

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