Sunday, July 6, 2014

Def Leppard guitarist gets married

Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell married his longtime girlfriend Caitlin Phaneuf on Friday.

“My girl and I got married yesterday,” posted Campbell on Saturday. “We had a great ceremony featuring family and friends and the Leppard band and crew. So happy! Pictures to follow.”

He also shared an update on his ongoing battle with the return of his Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

“In other news, I have to buzz cut my hair as I'm leaving most of it on my pillow due to the new chemo I just started,” he wrote. “I'll be sporting a new 'do' tonight in Irvine [California].”

Campbell and Def Leppard are currently on a summer tour of North America with KISS, which wraps up August 31; he’ll then be able to refocus his energies on more treatment.

“I'm actually doing this new high-tech chemo treatment, I'm about halfway through it already, and it's really kind of easy going,” he recently told The Daily Herald. “It's the first new drug that's been discovered for Hodgkin's since 1977 and they made this discovery in 2011, and it's actually being pioneered here at City of Hope, so I'm part of this research clinical trial that's going on.”

“It's very, very benign chemo, actually it just targets -- I don't know how it works, obviously I'm not a medical person, but somehow or other it just manages to target the cancer cells,” he explained. “It's not like old-school, carpet-bomb chemo where it kills all the fast-growing cells, so I haven't experienced any hair loss or any issues with my skin or nails or anything this time around, which is good. And assuming that works, I'm going to have to continue a couple of treatments, actually, over the course of the [KISS] tour, so that's awkward to work around, but not impossible.”

“Assuming that it all works and I actually get to a perceived remission stage by August,” he added, “then as soon as the tour is over in early September I'm going to get a stem-cell transplant, which I can't say I'm looking forward to, but I've been told if I don't do that, the cancer's going to just keep coming back every couple years. And every time it's a little bit more resistant. It is what it is. It could be worse -- but at least I have health insurance. (laughs)”

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