Tuesday, August 19, 2014

KISS: Ace Frehley comments on Gene Simmons controversy

Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has offered his thoughts on the controversy created by former bandmate Gene Simmons, who suggested that people suffering from mental health issues should give up and commit suicide.

“Gene has single-handedly alienated just about everybody on the planet,” Ace tells Artisan News Service. “First he attacks immigrants, then he belittles poor people by saying ‘be nice to the rich people because we’re the ones that give you jobs.’ Then, he attacks people with depression, alcoholics, drug addicts…the only thing left for him to do is to attack the whole gay movement; I’ve heard him do that in private, so that’s probably still yet to come.”

“I don’t think he makes any sense,” continued the guitarist. “He prides himself on being such an intellectual, he brags about being able to speak 7 languages, but when it comes to being knowledgeable about the human condition…y’know, depression is a very serious disease - I’ve suffered from it in my lifetime, I know my daughter suffers from it. Alcoholism is a disease; so is drug addiction – it’s the disease of addiction. Many people are born that way and Gene just seems ignorant of that whole fact. I think it’s time for Gene to go back to school and get educated in the health field.”

Simmons’ comments about depression and suicide stemmed from a rant against former bandmates Frehley and Peter Criss over their past substance abuse issues, something the bassist has used for years as ammunition against the duo whenever the inevitable KISS reunion question surfaces.

“No, I don't get along with anybody who's a drug addict and has a dark cloud over their head and sees themselves as a victim,” Simmons told Songfacts. “Drug addicts and alcoholics are always: ‘The world is a harsh place.’ My mother was in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany. I don't want to hear all about ‘the world as a harsh place.’ She gets up every day, smells the roses and loves life. And for a putz, 20-year-old kid to say, ‘I'm depressed, I live in Seattle.’ F-you, then kill yourself.”

Read Gene’s full interview at Songfacts here.

Simmons offered a public apology on Friday for his recent remarks – read his message here.

KISS are facing a ban by some radio stations in response to Simmons’ comments, and the hashtag #BanGene was trending on Twitter – read more details here.

Simmons’ Twitter account was shut down in the wake of intense public reaction to his remarks – learn more here.

Frehley has just released his new solo album, “Space Invader.”

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