Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Metallica drummer to appear in Radio Dreams movie

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich will play himself in “Radio Dreams”, a new movie directed by Babak Jalali and currently in production in San Francisco.

The film sees an Iranian writer working at a San Francisco–based Iranian satellite radio station as he tries to bring together Afghanistan’s first rock band, Kabul Dreams, for an on-air jam session with their idols, Metallica.

“Radio Dreams” stars Iranian musician Mohsen Namjoo alongside Kabul Dreams, Mohammad Talani, Bella Warda, Mansour Taeed, Mahmood Schricker, Boshra Dastournezhad Haghighi, Babak Mortazavi, Ali Tahbaz, Boshra, Larry Laverty and Kari Wishingrad.

According to the film’s synopsis, “Radio Dreams is a humorous, quirky feature film that follows a brilliant, misunderstood Iranian writer (Hamid) through his travails at a San Francisco–based Iranian satellite radio station.

Unable to realize his artistic dreams in his home country, the forty-five year-old Hamid has immigrated to the US to pursue his writing career. Instead, he winds up getting a job at a third-rate radio station and must seek artistic satisfaction through the only outlet available to him—the offbeat programming he puts together for the small audience of PARS-FM. Hamid’s intellectual, esoteric programming causes the station’s revenues to plummet.

Alarmed, the owners of the station feel they must cash in on Hamid’s only program they see fit for commercial success—the bringing together of Afghanistan’s first rock band, Kabul Dreams, for an on-air jam session with their idols and the world’s greatest rock band, Metallica.

The ensuing collision between artistic integrity and crass commercialism resonates with poignant hilarity, as Hamid fights to maintain his ambitions and moral compass.”

“Radio Dreams” is set for release in 2015.

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