Thursday, May 28, 2015

AC/DC singer to guest on comedian Jim Breuer’s rock album

Rob Caggiano, Brian Johnson and Jim Breuer in the studio

AC/DC singer Brian Johnson will guest on comedian Jim Breuer’s upcoming rock album.

The SiriusXM host and diehard metal fan revealed the news during an interview on the Opie Radio show (audio below), where he raved about Johnson’s performance.

“He comes in the studio,” begins Breuer, “Dude, let me tell you something. Why this guy is a real…probably the only rock star that does this. He comes in there and goes, 'Ah, I'm ready to go.' And we go, 'Well, we're ready for you whenever you're ready. We've got this studio.' So he goes, 'F! I ain't going in there. I wanna do it right here in the board room. That's where I record. And I don't want no headphones; that's cheatin'. I wanna stand here with a mic like I'm on stage.'

“And he recorded in the board room with no headphones — just standing there. I mean, he was sweatin', he was so into it."

Known for his bang-on imitations of metal legends, Breuer described his efforts to work with producer and current Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano to set the song up for his AC/DC hero.

"Before he came in, I laid the vocals down to kind of give him an idea to sing along to it,” explains the comedian. “That's what the producer does for me. I don't know my voice. I can imitate people. I can do Ozzy or I can do James Hetfield, or whoever, but I don't know what my real voice sounds like. So I didn't know what I was gonna sound like.

“So what the producer would do is, like, 'Breuer, you need to hit this note…' So he would go in and go, 'Sing it it the way…' and then I'd listen and copy. So that's what we did for Brian.

“And he comes in, and he's listening, and at one point it was me, him, the producer and one other guy, and we're listening, and none of us knew who was doing the lead vocal. I went, 'No, that's… Wait. That's Brian.' And Brian's, like, 'No, that's not me. That's Jimmy.' And I'm, like, 'No, Brian. That's definitely you.' And he was, like, 'No. I know my voice. That's you, Jim.' And then the producer's, like, 'I think it's… no, it's you, Brian… No. Maybe it is Jim.' We had no clue who it was. We had no clue."

Breuer’s album is expected to be released in early 2016.

Johnson and AC/DC recently launched the European leg of their Rock Or Bust world tour in Arnhem, Netherlands.

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