Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Led Zeppelin: Stairway To Heaven trial delayed

The copyright infringement lawsuit over Led Zeppelin's signature song, “Stairway To Heaven”, has been delayed from a May 10 start to June 14.

Los Angeles federal judge Gary Klausner ruled on the date change on Tuesday, according to

The suit – brought by Randy California's estate and members of Spirit by trustee Michael Skidmore – claims the acoustic introduction to 1971’s “Stairway” was lifted from their 1968 instrumental “Taurus.”

Klausner previously ruled that the jury trial would last less than a week and attorneys would have no more than 10 hours per side to present evidence.

Led Zeppelin’s lawyers said in court papers that defendants Jimmy Page and Robert Plant would probably not attend the trial, with video depositions filmed in the United Kingdom to be shown to the jury instead.

The plaintiff’s attorneys have suggested that they would settle if the band pays Skidmore $1 — and gives Randy California a songwriting credit on the iconic tune.

In February, the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, along with Warner Music Group Corp., asked Klausner to throw out the suit, but the judge concluded that trial was required.

Allowing the case to go forward, Klausner determined that there was enough evidence for a jury to weigh whether there was “substantial similarity” in the songs.

Klausner also said the trustee can get only 50 percent of any damages awarded, citing a 1967 contract that Wolfe signed.

“Stairway To Heaven” appeared on the UK band’s 1971 album, “Led Zeppelin IV.”

One of the best-selling albums in music history, the project went on to sell more than 37 million copies worldwide, including 23 million in the US alone.

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