Thursday, June 2, 2016

Axl Rose: No autographs for a while

Axl Rose says he won’t be signing autographs for a while after being hounded on AC/DC’s European tour by professionals who resell the pieces on auction sites like eBay.

"Can't take da ebayers so un42nutzly I's won'tz b signing things 4 awhile,” tweeted Rose. “Much Love 2 the real fans!!"

Professional autograph sellers frequently harass celebrities for signatures purely as a profit source at the literal and figurative expense of real fans, which causes artists like Rose and others to take the position that no signings will happen at all.

Rose made his AC/DC debut in Lisbon on May 7 and will play 13 dates on a spring run that has seen the band extend their Rock Or Bust setlist from 20 to 24 songs with the rotation of new additions representing classic tracks from Bon Scott-era: “Dog Eat Dog” from 1977’s “Let There Be Rock”, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation” and “Riff Raff” from 1978’s “Powerage”, and “If You Want Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” and “Touch Too Much” from 1979’s “Highway To Hell.”

"With Axl, we've been able to mix up quite a few songs, do a few older ones and put them, which we haven't done in a number of years,” guitarist Angus Young tells Planet Rock (video below). “We always used to kind of get a setlist, and that would be it for a tour. So now we've got a lot more adding and putting in different tracks, and the fun part is when we get there on the stage, and seeing it come to life in front of the audience and seeing the reaction."

Rose and AC/DC will next perform at The Stadium at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, UK on June 4.

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