Friday, November 4, 2016

AUDIO: Rik Emmett joined by Rush and Dream Theater members on new song

Rik Emmett is joined by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and Dream Theater vocalist James LaBrie on “End Of The Line”, the latest preview to the former Triumph frontman’s forthcoming album, “RES9.”

“Here's the monster riff-rock 'epic' album finale, with special guest vocalist James LaBrie of DT rippin' it, as only he can: and Alex Lifeson of Rush offering one heroic solo, chock full of Kingly Lerxst-isms,” says Emmett. “Killer work from the boys in the band - Dave Dunlop, Steve Skingley, and Paul DeLong - with Paul's thundering drum fills hammering everything into place at the end. What a production - what a bee-yatch to mix - kudos to Matt DeMatteo & Dave & Steve-o. For those who love guitar solos - this one is headed straight for your wheelhouse.”

Due November 11, “RES9” was first previewed with the lead track, “Human Race” - which features Lifeson – and “I Sing” with LaBrie.

The project by Emmett and his touring band Resolution 9 also includes a reunion with Triumph members Mike Levine and Gil Moore, marking the first time the trio have reunited on record in three decades following the guitarist’s split from the group in 1988.

“RES9” will be available via CD, digital download and a limited-edition run of 300 copies on black and red vinyl.

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