Friday, October 27, 2017

Queen stream unreleased Freddie Mercury version of All Dead, All Dead

Queen are streaming a previously unreleased alternate version of “All Dead, All Dead” - featuring Freddie Mercury on lead vocals – as the latest preview to the upcoming November 17 release of a 40th anniversary box set edition of their 1977 album classic, “News Of The World.”

Originally sung by guitarist Bran May, the Mercury version is included on a disc billed as the “Raw Sessions”, which presents recently unearthed out-takes and rarities of each track from the record.

"That's one of my favourites,” said May in a 1983 interview with Guitar Player magazine about the tune, written by the guitarist about his experiences following the death of his childhood pet cat. “That was one of the ones which I thought came off best, and I was really pleased with the sound. It always gives me a surprise when I listen to it because it was meant to really bring tears to your eyes. It almost does it to me."

Queen are presenting an exclusive hybrid version that moulds the Raw Sessions version of “All Dead, All Dead” with elements of the main "News Of The World" album version, delivered in a new animated lyric video by directors Jason Jameson and Robert Milne of Unanico Studios.

The clip tells the story of Pixie the cat, lost in a kingdom of cogs and pipes, wires and circuit boards. The mysterious whereabouts of Pixie’s world are later revealed. Brian and Unanico Studios drew inspiration from Bruno Bozzetto’s animated opus "Allegro Non Troppo", the 1976 film itself featuring a wandering feline as one of its protagonists.

“Jason, Robert and I are honoured to have worked with Brian to create a visual world for this fresh and emotional version of ‘All Dead All Dead’,” says producer Paul Laikin: “The cat in the video is inspired by photos Brian showed us of his childhood pet, and we hope it is also a fitting tribute to Freddie Mercury, who was devoted to his own cats.”

The 40th anniversary box set reissue presents Bob Ludwig’s 2011 remaster of the album alongside two discs of bonus tracks, a DVD of a new one-hour documentary, and a pure analogue re-cut of the original vinyl LP direct from the unmastered analogue master mix tapes.

Queen have previously shared unreleased alternate versions of “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” from the upcoming package

“News Of The World” 40th Anniversary Edition

Release date: November 17

CD 1: The Original Album (Bob Ludwig 2011 master)

01. “We Will Rock You”
02. “We Are The Champions”
03. “Sheer Heart Attack”
04. “All Dead, All Dead”
05. “Spread Your Wings”
06. “Fight From The Inside”
07. “Get Down, Make Love”
08. “Sleeping On The Sidewalk”
09. “Who Needs You”
10. “It’s Late”
11. “My Melancholy Blues”

CD2: Raw Sessions

01. “We Will Rock You” (Alternative Version)
02. “We Are The Champions” (Alternative Version)
03. “Sheer Heart Attack” (Original Rough Mix)
04. “All Dead, All Dead” (Original Rough Mix)
05. “Spread Your Wings” (Alternative Take)
06. “Fight From The Inside” (Demo Vocal Version)
07. “Get Down, Make Love” (Early Take)
08. “Sleeping On The Sidewalk” (Live in the USA, 1977)
09. “Who Needs You” (Acoustic Take)
10. “It’s Late” (Alternative Version)
11. “My Melancholy Blues” (Original Rough Mix)

CD3: Bonus Tracks

01. “Feelings Feelings”
02. “We Will Rock You”
03. “We Will Rock You (Fast)”
04. “Spread Your Wings”
05. “It’s Late”
06. “My Melancholy Blues”
07. “We Will Rock You”
08. “We Are The Champions”
09. “Spread Your Wings”
10. “Fight From The Inside”
11. “Get Down, Make Love”
12. “It’s Late” (USA Radio Edit 1978)
13. “Sheer Heart Attack” (Live in Paris 1979)
14. “We Will Rock You” (Live in Tokyo 1982)
15. “My Melancholy Blues” (Live in Houston 1977)

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