Monday, September 24, 2018

The Clash: Joe Strummer compilation previewed with demo for 1985 track

A lyric video for an early demo version of The Clash’s 1985 track, “This Is England”, is the latest preview to the September 28 release of the new collection, “Joe Strummer 001.”

The 1983 take on the 1985 “Cut The Crap” tune – initially titled “Czechoslovak Song / Where Is England” – features Strummer on vocals & guitar alongside Clash bassist Paul Simonon and drummer Pete Howard.

“Joe Strummer 001” features 32 tracks (see song list below) and includes favorites from his recordings with the 101ers, The Mescaleros, his solo albums and soundtrack work alongside 12 previously-unissued songs.

Material for the compilation was sourced from an extensive personal archive kept by the rocker as overseen by Joe’s widow, Lucinda Tait, and compilation producer Robert Gordon McHarg III.

Exclusive to all formats is a solo demo of “Letsagetabitarockin” recorded in Elgin Avenue in 1975, outtakes from “Sid & Nancy” featuring Clash bandmate Mick Jones, and unreleased songs “Rose Of Erin”, the biographical and mythical recording “The Cool Impossible” and “London Is Burning.”

Available in 2CD, 4LP vinyl, digital and limited 2CD Deluxe and Deluxe Box Set versions, all formats include tracks that have never appeared anywhere before as well as new remasters.

Joe Strummer
“Joe Strummer 001”

Release date: September 28

01. “Letsagetabitarockin”
02. “Keys To Your Heart”
03. “Love Kills”
04. “Tennessee Rain”
05. “Trash City”
06. “15th Brigade”
07. “Ride Your Donkey”
08. “Burning Lights”
09. ‘Afro-Cuban Be-Bop”
10. “Sand Paper Blues”
11. “Generations”
12. “It’s A Rockin’ World”
13. “Yalla Yalla”
14, ‘X-Ray Style”
15. “Johnny Appleseed”
16. “Minstrel Boy”
17. “Redemption Song” – Joe Strummer with Johnny Cash from Johnny Cash: Unearthed
18. “Over The Border” – Joe Strummer with Jimmy Cliff from Fantastic Plastic People
19. “Coma Girl”
20. “Silver & Gold”
21. “Letsagetabitarockin” – 1975 Previously Unreleased Cassette Tape Demo
22. “Czechoslovak Song” / “Where Is England” – 1983 Previously Unreleased early version of “This Is England”
23. “Pouring Rain” – 1984 Previously Unreleased
24. “Blues On The River” – 1984 Previously Unreleased
25. “Crying on 23rd” – 1985 Outtake from Sid & Nancy
26. ‘2 Bullets” – 1985 with Pearl Harbour. Previously Unreleased.
27. ‘When Pigs Fly”
28. ‘Pouring Rain”
29. “Rose Of Erin” – Previously Unreleased
30. “The Cool Impossible” – 1993 JS Demo Previously Unreleased
31. “London Is Burning” – 2002 Mescaleros Previously Unreleased. Recorded 2002. The last song to be discovered for Joe Strummer 001. Reworked into “Burning Streets” on Streetcore
32. ‘US North” – 1986 JS Mick Jones from Candy Mountain. Previously Unreleased.

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