Saturday, September 21, 2019

Foo Fighters stream Live From Roswell EP for Storm Area 51 Day

The Foo Fighters released an EP of tracks from a 2005 concert in Roswell, NM in sync with “Storm Area 51 Day” on September 20.

Entitled "00050525 Live in Roswell", the set delivers seven of fifteen songs from a special 10th anniversary show held at the disused Walker Air Force Base, close to the site of the supposed Roswell UFO incident in 1947.

The Foo Fighters flew in contest winners for the rare event, which took place the same week the group issued their fifth album, “In Your Honor.”

The band had some fun with the release, which they promoted by sharing a poster outlining proper behavior for the Area 51 blitz with instructions like “Control yourself at the barbecue,” “Remain calm at first sight of Foo Fighters”, “Should you encounter extraterrestrials, be polite” and “Rock out at all times.”

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Area 51 stunt grew out of a Facebook post in June encouraging people to storm the famed secretive Air Force base located inside the Nevada Test and Training Range that has long been rumored to house extraterrestrial technology.

The Facebook joke went viral and, as of midday on Friday, about 2,000 people had descended on the area, resulting in a handful of arrests.

“They did threaten that they were going to storm,” says Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee. “Once officers warned them of the consequences they would face, they did have second thoughts.”

The Roswell show is the latest in a recently-launched archival concert series by the Foo Fighters, who will head to south America next week for a series of South American shows, including an appearance at the legendary Rock In Rio festival on September 28.

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