Friday, April 30, 2021

Queen spotlight Roger Taylor hits in latest episode of The Greatest

Queen are putting the spotlight on hits written by Roger Taylor in latest episode of The Greatest.

As well as writing, among others, fan favourites such as “I’m In Love With My Car”, famously the B-Side to “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and the live tour de force “Sheer Heart Attack”, Queen’s first major chart success with a Taylor composition came in 1984 with “Radio Ga Ga” - the single was a worldwide success for the band, reaching number one in 19 countries.

The iconic video moment of the crowd clapping along to the drumbeat was quickly adopted by fans attending live Queen shows around the world and continues to be an awe-inspiring audience participation moment during every live performance.

More chart success for Taylor followed on the band’s next album with the title track, “A Kind Of Magic”, accompanied by another classic video in which Freddie Mercury gets to weave his ‘magic’ over his less than glamorous looking bandmates.

By the time "The Miracle" album came along in 1989, songs were being credited as being composed by Queen, rather than individually – but it is acknowledged that Roger was the originator of two of the album’s chart hits – “Invisible Man” and “Breakthru.”

"These Are The Days Of Our Lives" is a song that was originally conceived by Roger as a reflective song about parenthood, but it took on a different significance on its release, coming shortly after the tragic loss of Mercury in 1991.

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