Saturday, May 8, 2021

Chris Cornell family settles lawsuit with doctor over Soundgarden singer’s death

The family of Chris Cornell has settled its lawsuit with the doctor they claimed overprescribed medication to the Soundgarden singer in the years preceding his death in 2017.

According to Rolling Stone, the settlement between the plaintiffs — Cornell’s widow Vicky and their children Toni and Christopher Nicholas — and the defendant, Robert Koblin M.D., was reached last month.

Filed in November 2018, the lawsuit alleged that Koblin overprescribed the anti-anxiety drug Lorazepam (also known as Ativan) between September 2015 and his death in May 2017, while failing to warn the rocker about its possible side effects, including impairment of judgement and rational thinking, diminished impulse control and increased risk of suicide.

Cornell hung himself in a Detroit hotel room while on tour with the band; while traces of seven different drugs were found in Chris Cornell’s system in an autopsy following his suicide, the medical examiner in the case stated that “drugs did not contribute to the cause of death.”

“After years of litigation and settlement negotiations, Plaintiffs and Defendants Robert Koblin, M.D., Robert Koblin, M.D., Inc. and Robertson Cardiovascular Center, LLC (collectively, ‘Defendants’) have reached a confidential settlement agreement to resolve all claims asserted by each Plaintiff,” the Cornell family lawyer Melissa Lerner stated in the sealed documents.

“Dr. Koblin enjoyed a close relationship with Chris and other members of his family. He cares deeply about his patients and was saddened at the loss of Chris, as he expressed to the family,” Koblin’s attorney, James Kjar, said in a statement. “Dr. Koblin believes that helping the family deal with the grieving process is paramount to any of the legal issues involved in the lawsuit that was filed. Resolution of this case was in the best interests of all parties involved to help everyone obtain closure.”

Beyond news of the settlement, Vicky Cornell continues a legal battle with the surviving members of Soundgarden over alleged unpaid royalties and unreleased material recorded by Chris in his personal studio in Florida, while the group seeks access to the band’s social media accounts as currently controlled by their late singer’s widow.
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